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Metabol: a slimming product
to supplement iodine and increase metabolism



The nuclear power plant damaged during the Japanese earthquake is still in critical condition. The emitted radioactive pollution poses a threat to the countries of the region in the form of a cloud, and the whole world is in fear.

Unfortunately, the chance of a nuclear catastrophe cannot be excluded, therefore, iodine tablets are being distributed all over Japan to fill the thyroid with iodine so that it will not absorb any radioactive iodine.

The booming demand on iodine tablets led to their shortage not only in Japan, but also in numerous other countries of the world including Hungary as well. Due to the unprecedented demand on iodine tablets in Hungarian pharmacies, it is almost impossible to get iodine tablets in the country.

It is also important to know that only organic iodine tablets are suitable for prevention and protection.

We would like to draw your attention that there is a solution.
METABOL, a medicinal product certified by the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy, is suitable for iodine supplementation.

There is no shortage of METABOL, anybody can purchase it in ROSSMANN drug stores, certain pharmacies, herb shops and at the website

The necessary iodine intake can be ensured by METABOL containing organic bio iodine.

Moreover, in Hungary METABOL is one of the most popular means of fighting against overweight due to its ability to increase metabolism.

The slimming food supplement, METABOL, with a high quality active ingredient combination can efficiently facilitate the efforts to get rid of overweight caused by slow metabolism. It is a great complement for your diet.

METABOL has many advantageous health effects: 
- increasing of metabolism
- weight reduction
 - permanent weight loss
 - prevention of obesity
 - supplementation of iodine to enhance the functioning of the thyroid gland
 - positive influence on the efficacy of exercising and on the muscle to fat ratio of the body.

Who is it recommended for?
Those who find it really hard to lose weight in spite of their efforts, diet and regular exercising. The problem might not be with them but with their metabolism. The most important organ to regulate metabolism is the thyroid gland. It depends on the thyroid whether we have fast or slow metabolism. With fast metabolism we belong to those lucky ones who can eat plenty of food and still stay slim. But if we have slow metabolism, we are destined to be on strict diet and do lots of sport usually with little results.

How does it exert its slimming effect?
One possible option to ensure the proper functioning of the thyroid gland is to administer good quality organic iodine supplementation. As METABOL contains such iodine, it can enhance the efficacy of metabolism. Beside bio iodine, the L-carnitine to be found in METABOL plays an important role in fat metabolism. Several clinical trials prove that it can contribute to the enhancement of fat burning. METABOL also contains bio chromium which ensures that less carbohydrate is converted into fat, thus reducing the risk of obesity. 

How to use METABOL and what is the recommended dose?
The recommended daily dose of METABOL is 2 x 1 tablets, in the morning and in the evening, and it is to be taken with substantial amount of water. To affect the level of metabolism, the cure should take at least three months, however, more spectacular results were reported usually after 6 months. One carton of METABOL contains 60 tablets which is one month supply.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist about risks and undesired side effects.
Keep Out of Reach of Children.

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